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We like to get to know our clients a bit better before working with them, most of them are categorised according to their technical needs and size.

We have slightly different recommendations depending on these client needs, to find out where we may be able to help you, choose the closest client type to you from the list below:

Simple Needs

Not everyone needs highly sophisticated computer systems, it’s all about fitness for purpose. With a well thought out simple email and web system, you can achieve a lot.

You may however want to explore where you might be able to improve things, perhaps some automation, some managed email campaigns. Or perhaps we can help to make you world class with what you already have.

Let’s explore…

Intermediate Needs

You already use tech quite a bit – but perhaps need a bit more. Your competitors seem to be faster to respond, have a better web presence.

We can look at introducing a few improvements, perhaps in automation, customer relationships or social media.

Let’s discuss…

The Works

Your company already uses IT a lot in many areas, but you think things could be done a bit better.

We can analyse, discuss and come up with some ideas and then implement and maintain.

Let’s meet…

We have a number of ways you can contact us, you can find them HERE. If you would like more information, please click HERE, to organise a call-back (Skype, phone, WhatsApp – whatever you fancy), click HERE