Who Are We?


Who we are, philosophy of Mayn Limited

This is where we get to talk about ourselves!

In our (humble) opinion, it’s important to have a combination of good skills (both business and technical) and good customer facing skills.

This not only means covering all areas, being prompt with responses and leaving the customer satisfied. It also means having a human face, a person or a friend, to leave them with a smile on their face, not just the correct solution or answer.

We have been doing this (in one form or another) for 20 years, in that time we have gained the skills necessary to implement and support a wide range of networks. These have ranged from NT (very old technology of the early 2000s), up to cloud computing and beyond.

In that same time we have seen a wide range of business types, sizes and sectors, many in the creative industry but also lawyers,  estate agents, pest control…you name it.

We have a range of relevant technical skills from Microsoft, Apple, Linux, but also business skills such as an MBA in tech management. We also have a good knowledge of supply chain management, software development, databases and much more.

So it’s about having the right COMBINATION of skills, but most important being the right FIT, being able to talk, person to person. All these things make us who we are, we are also people, our clients are (mostly) our friends, after all, we’re all in this together right..?

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