What We Do


The part where we get to tell you why we are better than our competitors, well the truth is that IT support companies all pretty much offer the same, Microsoft, Apple, networks, computers, cables, screens etc etc. So how do you choose between us?

OK, first the skills bit – we have 20 years experience, not only in IT but in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR BUSINESS.

We also think it’s the other things that make the difference, how we connect with people, shared business goals and dreams, a shared need for a safe, efficient network for everyone

So what do we actually offer? Here’s a summary in order of needs:

  • Business analysis – backed up with business qualifications in business administration and supply chain management amongst other things
  • Technical knowledge for installations – extensive knowledge not only in the standard systems, but common sense and experience in how to apply that knowledge
  • Training, post installation support, monitoring, security…So if you have a passion for getting things right, finding the best solutions and a continuous dialogue for making things better, join us! Contact us HERE.