IT training for small business

We consider ourselves pretty competent in many programs, so we have decided to offer some simple, quick training to get users up and running

The problem with training is that it takes up time, can be expensive and often full of stuff that you don’t need or forget when you go home

We are in the process of recording a series of videos to get people trained on real world working subjects. These videos will be around 3-5 minutes maximum and will just go through the basics.

This will allow you to become familiar and to assess whether it’s worth diving deeper (for this you have Udemy or Microsoft online training).

We plan on recording videos on the basic MS offerings such as Word, Excel and Outlook, but also on some of the lesser know packages such as OneNote, Zoom or Teams.

Please register your interest HERE and we will organise timelines and access for the upcoming months. We would also love to know if you have any requests, if so please send them across to us, all feedback much appreciated!

In the meantime, have a look at some important corporate training on decision making:


We hope you enjoy!