Remote Workplace


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Implementing a remote workforce (or teleworking) has become much more important for business in recent times. We have extensive experience in this area, we have been working remotely for almost 10 years. Here we share our thoughts on the matter. We have also put together a range of packages to satisfy even the most demanding of clients.

So let me ask you a question. You have a corporate network, some of your people work from home so they installed some form of VPN and now have access to the files they need to work? So no problem right?


One of the biggest risks to the security of your business is through insecure connections to your server, so we are looking at:

      • Snoopers on your wireless network
      • E-mail spoofs (emails from your bank that aren’t from your bank)
      • Kids spilling drinks, laptop in the menders, data accessed
      • Insecure passwords (Fluffy123 or pass1234)
      • Theft of hardware (or left on the train)
      • much much more…

So where can you go for help and advice?

We have extensive experience in this area, especially in the fact that we mostly work from home and have mastered the craft!

The first step is to chat to see what you want to achieve. Then we draw on our vast experience to analyse your unique needs and come up with some suggestions. Then we implement, test and support your shiny new secure remote working solution.

We can also help if you need training in any of the new technology we implement.

Some of the things we can help with:

      • Network connectivity – access to your files wherever¬† you are
      • Security – stop those hackers without you even noticing
      • Asset management – how many computers do you have and where, who has them, denying access and deleting profiles when things go wrong
      • Repair or replace – Fanta in the keyboard? No Problem, we can get a configured replacement out to you in no time
      • Much more…

Teleworking is here to stay, in fact it’s an important part of today’s most efficient and forward looking companies. The key is to make sure you have seamless access to all the files you need to work but also a safe, secure¬† connection.

To contact us via WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and various other ways click HERE, or schedule a call-back click HERE. If you just want to register your interest, you can do that HERE to receive a bit more info.

You can also learn more about teleworking and the various aspects of working alone in a house, here: