What do you Need to Do to Apply?


What you need to be able to apply for IT hardware leasing

In order to be able to qualify for finance via our leasing program, there are certain requisites

Leasing your computers is an excellent way to get the finance you need and free up other credit lines, there are however some requirements.

Application is very straightforward but before you can apply:

      1. You must be a registered business, this will be checked on the Companies House website
      2. You must have submitted at least 3 years’ accounts
      3. Your business must be located in the UK

You must also have the hardware ready for lease, in other words a defined list of equipment and services together with prices, also:

      1. The equipment must be valued at more than £1,000
      2. There must be an official invoice, from a legitimate source (that’s us!)
      3. The equipment must make up at least 80% of the final cost

This process is not super complicated but needs some work. The easiest way to avoid confusion and a lot of email and phone tennis, is to get a quotation from us for the equipment and hardware required. You can do this now, by organising a video conference meeting HERE.

You can find out more about the initial business analysis process HERE, this will help to determine exactly what you need.

Otherwise all other methods of contact from simple phone call to Skype or WhatsApp conference call, is available on our contact us page HERE.