IT Support Services


It technician maintaining servers - IT support

We have 20 years of supporting small business, our IT support services are a combination of experience and (we hope) excellent customer services. Most IT companies offer pretty much the same services, so what makes us stand out from the crowd?

In our (humble) opinion, it’s important to have a combination of good skills (both business and technical) and good customer facing skills.

This not only means covering all areas, being prompt with responses and leaving the customer satisfied.  We think it also means having a human face, a person or a friend, not just a robot with the correct solution or answer.

With the technical skills we have, we can support most small networks up to 50 users. This ‘managed service’ is available with a variety of options.

If you break your computer we will fix it, but much of our support is done preventatively. We try to keep your problems to a minimum by proactively maintaining your network, a win-win for both of us.

We cover desktop computers, laptops and servers, at the office, at home or mobile and cover corporate networks, small networks, wireless and your home workforce.

We have a number of standards we follow religiously, timescales and service levels that give you the peace of mind that we are competent, confident and punctual.

We are mostly available remotely (we provide the software to do this) but if the event occurs that we have to be on-site, we will be there. We are available on most communication platforms (including something called a telephone???)

We have a range of relevant technical skills from Microsoft, Apple, Linux. We also have the relevant business qualifications such as an MBA in tech management. Other areas we cover are supply chain management, software development, databases and much more.

We have been doing this (in one form or another) for 20 years, if you’d like to organise a call back and chat with us, click HERE