Leasing IT assets 1

Spreading costs over a number of years for new computer and technology hardware purchases can have many benefits.

There’s no denying it, buying good IT hardware is not cheap, the old adage you get what you paid for is very relevant in IT.

A large IT asset investment can have an impact on cashflow and may stifle investment in other areas. Depreciation of the equipment can also have a negative effect on your balance sheet.

IT asset leasing can ease this burden, our partners at Westone enable us to offer all-in-one packages with a single easy monthly payment.

This monthly payment an also include full installation and extensive IT support with some of our packages. There’s no need to worry about anything and when the 3 or 5 years expire, you can just renew your equipment and continue to pay monthly.

This means your computer hardware and software always stays current and you can pay in affordable monthly instalments and not one huge outlay every 3-5 years. Our ‘Lease and Look After’ packages come in various shapes and sizes and with a variety of terms, designed to fit your needs.

Lease and Look after covers your IT requirements, independent to any bank loans so frees up other credit lines for working capital or other investment needs.

For more information on how leasing works, read our article HERE.

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