Here are some questions we have been asked in the past and might be useful in your search for services. We have separated them into specific areas of interest.

FAQs for IT helpdesk and remote support

General Questions

What are your opening hours?

We open for business at the following times:

Monday- Friday – 9.00am-6.00pm
Saturday – Depends on Projects or Support Requests
Sunday – Closed

Bank Holidays – Closed

Is it better to work with you on an ad hoc basis or a contractual basis

Depends on your needs, we recommend contracts because they include a lot of work done in the background.

Ad hoc basis is just a break fix solution, you break, we fix, but nothing is done to improve, maintain, identify future problems.

We’d suggest a few ad hoc calls to try us out and then sign up to a contract to ensure you have everything covered.

I just want to pay an hourly rate for a one-off support issue, is that possible?

Yes it is, for details contact us HERE

Is your service secure?

We have a very strict GDPR policy (available HERE) that covers the levels of security we maintain for our clients.

Business Analysis

What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis is the process of researching areas such as the needs of the business, strategies etc and building an IT strategy, with matching hardware and software that helps the business to achieve this.

What do Business Analysts do?

The business analyst will analyse the business(!) and act as the catalyst between the business and the IT people (in our case that’s us!). The business analyst will gather information at the start, work with both groups during and bring in improvements as his goal.

What are some of the tools used in Business Analysis?

There are many tools that are used in the process, simple but effective examples are SWOT diagrams, PESTLE and data flow diagrams. Other lesser known tools are the MOSCOW method, CATWOE and User Stories.

What are the challenges faced by Business Analysts?

Acceptance by all sides, usually there has to be some change for the solution to fit the purpose. Getting all the information needed from the true gatekeepers, comfort zone syndrome, conflict of ideas.

Any one of these problems can slow the process down or lessen the positive impact.

Network Installation

What sort of networks do you install?

We install computer networks up to around 50 users, thereafter we suggest using our services to help out your own IT person.

A typical computer network would consist of a local server for users to log onto (and for us to keep things safe) and a number of computers, some of which may be taken off-site for homeworkers.

The level of server to do this will depend on several factors, including number of users, amount of data and applications used.

Do you install servers? Why would we need to install a server?

Yes, servers are an important factor to keep your data safe. Using a purely cloud-based network can have security risks.

We install all levels of server, from entry level right up to servers dedicated to specific tasks like security or remote access.

Do you install physical networks?

We can come to your office and install your physical network, such as cabling, cabinets, switches and routers. This will depend greatly on what you want to achieve.

We can also configure internet access and security and send the hardware for you to plug in.

Will there be much downtime for my company?

Depends on many factors but highly likely there will be downtime unless done at the weekend.

We always try to plan to keep this to a minimum, but please be prepared!

What are the challenges in implementing my home-working solution?

Mainly security, both digital and physical. Access is always a bit sensitive (it’s very different coming to your house than coming to your office).

Digital security is more difficult to control outside the office network, to do this properly it’s essential that the laptops (or desktops in some cases) are company owned and configured by us.

Physical security is more down to spills, losses on trains, snoopers, quite difficult but can be implemented through training and advice.

Will you have to visit my home?

Normally no, in most cases we will be able to receive, configure and send to you.

In very rare cases we can visit, but we’d prefer not to if possible – and i’m sure you don’t want our muddy boots all over the furniture either!

Is there somewhere I can bring my laptop for repair?

No, our offices are not open to the public, however we can organise delivery of your machine to our workshops and return delivery to your workplace or home.

Can i just get some support over the phone?

For instant ad hoc support, please see our site www.maynsupport.co.uk, here you can book your repairs or configuration

Can we give you our old computers and hardware?

Sounds crazy but no, old computers need to be disposed of properly, according to the The Environment Act 1995

  • All redundant (no economic value) computer equipment is classed as Waste.
  • CRT monitors are classed as Hazardous waste.
  • You must ensure your collection agents hold a Waste Carrier Licence.
  • You must ensure that your waste equipment goes to a licensed disposal site.

Finance and Leasing

Do you offer any financing solutions?

Yes we do, for a single monthly payment we can purchase, install and support your whole network.

What are the advantages of leasing our computers?

There are many!!

Try HERE for more details on the advantages of leasing your computers

Are your financing options authorised by the FDA?

Yes, please contact us for more details

General Computer Questions

What should i do if my computer crashes

Don’t panic!! Don’t try anything out of the ordinary (like physically try to hard restart), try to remember exactly what you were doing at the time and write it down.

Any error messages try to write them down or take a photo, then contact us!

What should i do when i have a problem? - should i note anything down?

Yes, any out of the ordinary error messages take a photo or write it down, try to remember what you were doing at the time and write that down too.

What about if someone looks like they have control of my computer?

Depends who it is, we occasionally connect to maintain or resolve problems but we normally warn you before doing this.

If it seems like you have lost control, or someone is controlling your machine, disconnect the network cable (or switch off wireless if you are using it), switch off your machine and call us.