Business Analysis for IT Installations


IT Business Analysis

‘Re-align Business and IT goals and strategies’ – is something we hear very often in business jargon. It sounds a bit of a mouthful but doing this is a very important part of any business. This is equally applicable whether the business is just starting out or in a period of staleness.

Every project or product process needs to be managed, from making jam to constructing the high speed HS2 rail link from London to Birmingham. As the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail, this is especially true with IT business analysis.

The challenge is pulling apart in detail what the business actually does (or wants to do), then creating a plan of action for change. Changes can take the form of new policy, new strategy or new technology. These changes must be implemented, users trained and everything monitored for success.

What’s important is to have a BA (Business Analyst) with a good combined knowledge of both business administration and IT systems. They also need to have great analytical skills, outstanding communication, and much more…

So what about your company? Are you using ‘standard’ apps and programs that most companies have? Do they help make you ‘world class’? Are they specific to your needs or just the standard fare for the job?

So what does that mean? It may well mean nothing at all, your business may not need anything more than email and web. BUT, a lack of change can mean a lasting staleness, inefficiency, wasted resources and lost opportunities.

We assess your business structure and processes to try to define technologies that will not only help, but will give you the competitive edge.

This could be through automation, better communication or transparency and will help to get you back to your primary business objectives.

We don’t aim to implement sophisticated custom software which takes months to develop and even longer to see any benefit. We aim to use our experience and implement the simplest solution to gain the biggest benefits.

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