MAYNIMAGING USB, DVD and Backup for Medical Devices



Product Reference: 006000x




Removable Drives for your secure medical imaging technology


For standalone and networked machines that need a local backup, we provide a variety of options for secure storage. We also provide secure memory sticks for smaller, more portable machines.


Our 256bit encrypted USB 3.0  removable hard drive is ideal for very secure data backup. The unit is protected by a high level of encryption and comes in a variety of sizes up to 1TB. For an additional level of security the unit comes with a PIN for restricted access and requires no additional software so is easy to connect and remove.


For data transfer we offer a variety of options from credit card shape and sized USB drives, easy to carry and can be sent by post. We also offer a up to 480GB USB flash drives with PIN protection, perfect for transferring data from a portable machine to the main MaynImaging machine.


We also offer blank DVD media in a variety of pack sixes, which can be customised (establishment name and data label included) or Mayn branded with spaces for written data.


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Features for USB drive with PIN Access

  • 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption
  • Super Speed USB 3.0
  • Integrated USB Cable
  • Water and Dust resistant
  • Key Pad Pin access
  • Protective covers available


Features for USB Flash Drive with PIN access

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated
  • Military Grade Full-disk 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption
  • PIN-Activated 7 – 16 digits – Alphanumeric keypad
  • Dust and water resistant IP58 Certified



  • Fast transfer of data on USB 3.0 and SSD technology
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Highly secure, combines well with encrypted export, intelligent backup and access control
  • No software on the unit to prevent hackers
  • Administrator can reset the PIN (only our technicians will have access to this)


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