Outsourcing your healthcare

How long before we see healthcare services such as healthchecks, online diagnosis and medical tourism being outsourced to more cost-effective countries such as India, South America or Asia where highly skilled doctors are in abundance?




Outsourcing has been the trend over the last 10 years, particularly in the service industries.

This makes sense where skills in the outsource organisation are abundant, communication links are well developed and the language of the outsourcing entity is the same as the company or organisation that is outsourcing.

The question is how far can this concept be taken, and in particular, can it be applied to healthcare? There are already hospitals in India that are developing relationships with hospitals in Africa for medical treatment. The patient can take advantage of a wide range of services for a much lower price than in the developed countries.

Could we see in the near future a call centre full of doctors that are diagnosing patients for western countries?

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