Security and Image Quality

security-imageWe understand that for the capture of sensitive forensic information such as images or video, the system that stores that information must have the latest technologies in high quality image and video capture and must include the very latest access control and data encryption technologies.

MaynImaging has been developed with security and patient confidentiality at the forefront of the specification requirements. The software has a number of key features integrated into every version.

These key security features include:

  • Multi-level access security (up to 3 levels if required)
  • Advanced 256-bit encryption
  • Intelligent backup – preventing important files from being accidentally deleted
  • Separate application for viewing media – included in the bundle for increased security and portability

Data exported from MaynImaging (such as DVD or removable media) is only available using the MaynViewer application. All MaynViewer data is encrypted and the application is password protected so no data can be viewed without this additional authorisation.

The ongoing continuous improvement of our data capture systems always maintains that we stay one step ahead to ensure we consistently provide the level of security and quality that we know our customers expect.