Our vision


Our mission is to make the impossible, possible, the unreachable, reachable and the complicated, intuitive and easy to use.

At Mayn we are always pushing the boundaries to provide our customers with world-class applications and hardware. We ensure that our engineers are recruited and trained in the very latest technologies both existing and emerging, both software and hardware, with a view to providing robust and secure solutions that are fit for purpose, scalable and cost-effective.

The technologies used in Mayn applications are based on a continuous monitoring of best in class practices and development platforms. We have speed, connectivity, data capture and centralisation in our DNA, we continuously search for better ways to reach data and make it available. The latest MaynStream server provides our clients with the groundbreaking technology to view live data on a huge number of platforms. It has been a long journey, but we feel that great things are now possible in terms of development for healthcare.

We constantly implement, monitor and revise both our internal and external processes to ensure we provide outstanding project management and customer relationship management. From first contact through the final sign-off, to the service level agreement and finally support for the technology we use established methodologies.