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Touch-screens and monitors for your medical imaging technology


Your screen is the central component of your medical imaging system. Screen size, appearance, functionality and positioning are all very important factors when choosing your monitor, all-in-one screen or additional monitor for viewing.


We offer a choice of screen for our image capture software and system. Larger screens are better suited to stack systems, smaller screens are ideal for portable systems or handhelds.


Our all in one versions are high quality, medical grade, slim and sleek units, the touch screen is projected capacitive touch which makes them better suited to the day-to-day demands of the hospital clinic or forensic establishment.


Projected capacitive touch screens can also be used with medical gloves and have a much better image quality due to the glass surface. Most other touch screens have plastic screens, glass screens give the user much clearer images and videos.


We also provide a wide variety of additional viewing monitors, in other words screens located in a different area to the image capture machine for secondary use such as training. These screens can also be touch screen, so can provide a second option for user input, or a simple, clear, view of the examination in hand for different eyes such as students.


Our screens should be considered together with our medical carts and brackets, to provide the perfectly ergonomic solution, or for awkward shaped or smaller examination rooms


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  • Variety of screen sizes from 10.1″ (tablet) to larger screen (24″ and above)
  • Projected capacitive touch screen
  • Fan-less core and sealed unit
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use and attractive shape
  • Comply with medical standards such as UL-60601



  • Wide variety of screens allows us to offer the client a solution for almost all requirements
  • Projected capacitative screens show clearer images, can be used with gloves and are more robust for cleaning
  • Sealed units are more protected from cleaning fluids and quieter (no fan noise)
  • Second or third installed screen provides options for viewers in separate parts of the room, outside the room and as an alternative larger screen to a more portable unit
  • Combined with our capture software, we offer a very easy-to-use solution, pleasing to the eye and of high quality


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