MAYNIMAGING handheld devices


Portable medical imaging technology designed especially for handheld use


We offer a range of portable options for users that need to be more mobile, these options range from a laptop to a small touchscreen unit. These units are connected to a lightweight, portable camera and some use their own built-in camera.


Our mobile versions include camera, software and hardware, the smaller versions include an option to securely export to USB stick. The user can then import their data into a system such as MaynImaging Standalone – completed through MaynViewer simply and securely.


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We are also in the process of developing a mobile version that uses an Android solution on a mobile platform. This version includes a specially designed cover that includes a camera and light source*

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*Our mobile solution will be seamlessly connected to our parent options and data will be compatible, just capture and connect. Once back in the office, export to the parent system or burn a DVD on your PC from the secure MaynImaging app.



  • Variety of screens (from 10″ to 15″) all-in-one unit or laptop for image capture, view and export
  • Smaller units are tablet screen size, easy to carry and includes light source
  • Options for SD and full HD colposcope, with up to 3.27m pixels
  • All data is securely stored on the machine until saved to PIN secured USB storage
  • Encrypted export to USB allows burning of DVDs or import into larger system ONLY THROUGH MaynViewer
  • Highly secure intelligent backup and 2 level access control
  • Provides a very portable capture system for outside the clinic for clinicians
  • Easy to use, intuitive and includes all training



  • High quality, up to 40x zoom (where separate camera is used) allows very high quality images and vivid colours
  • Smaller units that use local camera capture at high resolution
  • Software allows user to easily transfer data to DVD or another MaynImaging computer
  • Easy-to-use capture interface and camera functions means less time training users
  • Systems are easy to transport, giving medical staff more flexibility in hospitals or for home visits or prisons
  • Touchscreen means no need for keyboard and mouse, making the units super portable
  • Easy to clean and maintain (and we provide the cleaning fluids here)


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