MAYNIMAGING Keyboards and Mice



Product Reference: 005001x




Keyboard and mouse solutions for medical imaging technology


We supply a number of options for medical keyboard and mouse combinations. The importance of medical grade cannot be understated, normal keyboards are very susceptible to dirt and bacteria and are extremely difficult to clean effectively.


Our keyboard and mouse packages offer a high quality sanitised option with a familiar layout (QWERTY layout), the units do not drip or leak fluids and are suitable for multiple hospital disinfectants and cleaning fluids.


The keyboard enclosure is completely sealed to provide IP65 compliance and include a keyboard disable button (so the keys are not active when the keyboard is being cleaned) and a USB connector cover for additional protection.



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  • Easy clean with spray/wipe sanitation, only need to disinfect the surface
  • Cleaning disable key
  • Completely sealed unit
  • Limits cross contamination
  • Suitable for most disinfectant and cleaning fluids


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