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Connecting our products to your patient record systems for seamless data availability


One of the advantages of using our image capture devices and software is the ability to connect to other systems. This is extremely useful for managing patient data and very common in the ‘connected’ world of today. This flexibility can help to build a seamless capture system, viewable on systems that you already use in the hospital.


For example, imagine that you have a database of 20,000 patients, each one with their own profile and patient record. Each of these profiles contains their personal record of examinations, illnesses, treatments etc. Would it be a good idea to introduce yet another records system with your own patients, repeating the same information? We link into these systems and use the data that already exists to search for patients and add data to that record.

Our software connects seamlessly to your patient record system allowing them to communicate with each other. We use the existing profiles to show specific patient information on the screen such as name and age etc. This  allows the user to capture images for that specific patient, simply and easily with our easy-to-use interface.


The clinician can then return to the main hospital patient record system to view those images, or, if required, can view on the MaynImaging system. We have included annotation (add lines, comments or highlights) which users can also view on the hospital patient record.


We also have a unique solution for using existing cameras and scopes to connect to hospital systems. Our bridge solution provides minimal upheaval and change, making it easier for users (less training on new systems). With this innovative option, there is much less replacement technology making it a very cost effective upgrade to image digitalisation.


Interfacing involves working together with your technical support staff, determining how to connect, planning the project and then implementing. We will also provide technical support and full training on the system for your team after the installation


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  • Team of developers and database administrators to assess work to be done
  • Fully project managed to ensure milestones are reached and deadlines are kept
  • All data is stored on the hospital network, machine is connected to the patient record system
  • Local machine is highly secure, including encrypted export, intelligent backup and access control
  • Provides a very quick to capture system in clinic for clinicians, reducing appointment time
  • Easy to use, intuitive and requires minimal training
  • Complies with medical standards


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