Company Overview

We are an innovative healthcare technology company that develops a wide range of medical devices and healthcare applications. Our products and services are used in many hospitals in the United Kingdom in colposcopy, ENT, paediatrics, sexual health and other specialties. We provide a complete service from project conception to conclusion and beyond – including support and training.

Using Mayn technology, healthcare establishments get much needed flexibility through the customisation of our applications. Hospitals can install individual modules from the Mayn suite of products into an existing hospital infrastructure instead of having to replace the whole system. We provide a choice of standalone individual products to achieve a single purpose, or a combination of different products to enhance existing medical infrastructures.

We constantly invest in R&D, which allows us to offer bleeding edge medical technologies as dynamic patient health records, real-time mobile health applications, telehealth hardware and software solutions and real-time data distribution. Using the latest technologies we have developed a system to manage both static and real-time data from a variety of platforms. This means that a patient’s vital signs are not only sent to the hospital, but also to a doctor’s or carer’s smartphone or tablet PC, easily and quickly.

Ultimately, we provide the healthcare sector with customised, cutting edge solutions that help hospitals, clinics and health management organisations improve their services by delivering care more quickly, effectively and efficiently.